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The #SheCanCoach campaign is a celebrator of Women in Coaching achievements, an advocate for Women in Coaching initiatives, programs, and structural changes, a connector of interested coaches-to-be with where to start, and a public voice exclaiming #SheCanCoach!

It's easy to get involved.

1. Use the #SheCanCoach hashtag to share stories, achievements, and encouragement for female coaches.

Post your own or share one of these:

2. Join the #SheCanCoach supporters list to stay up to date on actions, events, programs, and achievements of women coaches.

70% of girls age 5-17 participate in sport

Only 30% of coaches in Canada are women

Women coaches keep girls in sport longer

Canada's girls need more Women coaches

3. And when you're ready to really dive in - Get Involved

2018 Mentorship Program

Changing the Game is a mentorship program for new female coaches in Ontario. The program is open to existing coaches or coaches-to-be of every sport, every age, and every experience level. Changing the Game program has already engaged 250 apprentice coaches with support of 100+ experienced sport coaching mentors.



Coaching – Get Started

Interested in coaching but don’t know where to begin? Start here with resources, contacts, and how-to’s. Women in leadership roles create positive group dynamics, demonstrate fairness and strong conflict resolution skills, and emphasize group collaboration. In short, women make excellent coaches.



Become a Mentor

Already a coach? Consider sharing your experience with an apprentice by supporting a women new to coaching, or encouraging one to start. Mentorship has been identified as one of the best ways to help a new coach start, or support an existing one in reaching the next level. Start with this excellent resource.


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